The Story of the Life of a Dell 2005FPW

Monday – Sit in warehouse.

Tuesday – Get shipped out to brand new owner!

Wednesday – On an Airborne Express/DHL vehicle.

Friday – Arrive at new home, get connected to some dude’s PowerMac G5.

Saturday – Help this guy work out a new Logic Pro Autoload. All his windows now fill up the whole screen! Also, booted up Warcraft III. It looks really sharp! Gonna try out Doom 3, America’s Army and UT2004 tomorrow. Just gonna spend tonight downloading the demos.

Sunday – Die.

2 thoughts on “The Story of the Life of a Dell 2005FPW”

  1. I’m guessing some power supply issue. It wouldn’t even turn on. My brother said something about how these kinds of things happen all the time and that the million dollar problem is probably caused by a $5 fuse.<br/><br/>Anyway, the new one came today while I was at work, so yay!

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