Be Careful With Applecare

If you buy Applecare and you refrain from calling in for support, do NOT wait until the day it expires to do so.

Customer Service: Do you have your serial number? Me: Yes, it’s ____________. click click clack click click CS: Strange…I’m not seeing it here. Are you sure that you registered your Applecare? Me: Yes, I’m looking at the support agreement right now. Maybe I read the serial number wrong. It’s __________. CS: Yes, that’s what I have. Can you hold please. Me: No problem. (2 minutes later) CS: Sir, the reason I’m not seeing your machine is because your warranty expired today. Me: Well it’s a good thing I called then! CS: What’s the problem? Me: I know that the fans aren’t supposed to be completely silent, but in the past few months they’ve been getting a bit noisy, and I’m concerned that maybe there’s a problem. CS: Well, I can’t continue this call unless you pay a one-time service fee since your Applecare expired today. Me: So let me get this straight. I have a machine that’s had this problem for a few months, and I call today and it won’t be covered. CS: Yeah (sounding really guilty for what she’s saying) Me: But, I could’ve called 24 hours ago and everything would’ve been A-Ok…? CS: Yeah. Me: …I’m not paying the one-time service fee.

Applecare wasn’t completely useless. I managed to get a new AC Adapter about a year ago. And my support issue isn’t a big deal. I had heard that while they have the machines there that sometimes they replace the screens.

What would you do?