Powermac G5!!

Yes, I bought one.

The new machine is a Dual 2ghz G5. Not the new dual-core machine; this one is the previous model.

And it screams. It is so smooth. Music projects that gave me nothing but errors from being run on hardware that is too slow run without a hitch now. For a second I was worried when I first booted up because the display was taking forever to come around. Turns out that I had plugged the monitor into the wrong DVI port. And then I set the resolution too high, so I had to do an Archive and Install to fix it. Now it seems to be working peachy!

So why do I feel conflicted?

I think part of it is that I’m running a fresh machine on a 5 year old monitor…and another part is that I’ve now got a Powerbook that may be seldom used; although I’m thinking of dedicating it to personal use and the G5 to everything else, mainly Logic, Reason, and Adobe programs. I need to get a good working area for that though.

The main thing I think is that I keep asking myself if this really changes anything. Am I going to be a better musician or artist because of this machine? No. So why did I get it again?

Strangely enough, I felt the same way when I bought Logic Pro 7. After running it on my Powerbook for the first time and seeing how bogged down it got, I thought that I had made a big mistake. I thought that I might as well just give up any musical aspirations and just try being satisfied with being mediocre. That would be the easy way out. I could stop worrying about trying to challenge myself in vain; I’d never get any recognition anyway, so why bother?

But I make music anyway because it isn’t for other people. It’s for me. I appreciate it if people like what I write, but ultimately I don’t care.

So did I get it thinking that musical roadblocks (EPs and albums that I’m thinking of, working on, that may never see the light of day) would disappear with a new machine? Great albums have been made on machines slower than my Powerbook. Hell, some were even made without a computer!

The more time I concern myself with feeling guilty and the whys of the situation the less I actually create with it. It’s only been just about 2 days yet, so a week from now I hope that I feel better about it. I haven’t even had a weekend with it yet.

I really want to hold onto this machine for a good 4-5 years at the least. In retrospect, I solely used my Powerbook for about 3 years. That’s the longest I’ve ever held onto one machine. It’s a great system, but in some ways I have outgrown it. Hopefully I can beat that record with this G5.