New Autoload

So, after last night’s “discovery” and about 40 minutes of work, I’ve made a new autoload. This is only the Arrange window. The environment is even more convoluted, although not nearly complex as it can get.

The changes: • Increased number of audio tracks available from 8 to 16. Can always go higher. • Streamlined arrange window. Made banks of 8 tracks each to make good use of the FW-1082; 16 Audio Tracks, 16 Audio Instruments, 16 MIDI channels (haven’t incorporated the Kawai K1 yet, which would bring it up to 8 more since it can’t handle 16 channels), 8 Rewire/Reason tracks with Auxiliary channels, 8 independent Aux channels, and 8 effects bus channels. • In order to conserve some space, not all are viewable at the start, but that can be changed by hitting the hide button (the big H). I’ll can pick and choose which tracks to show and hide.

The only thing that’s irritating is that the synth hardware has its own tracks. In order to make good use of the synths I have to record the outputs to audio tracks. Logic has a plugin to automate this, but it doesn’t quite work the way I like. So for now the external MIDI tracks are segregated. When they build up I’ll move them together.

So, this will either increase productivity and the quality of my projects, force me to buy a Powermac, or both.