You’ve Got So Many Machines, Richard

It’s been about a month since the Summer NAMM session and I haven’t bought any new music equipment, and that’s probably a good thing.

I had been thinking about getting the Edirol FA-66, which I’ve mentioned in previous postings. But then i started to think that if I’m going to go ahead and get the FA-66, why not just step up to the FA-101? It has more inputs and outputs and would ensure that in a year or two I’m not unsatisfied with my audio interface.

But THEN I read an article about Tascam’s FW-1082.

The FW-1082 is very similar to Digidesign’s Digi002. It’s a 10in (4 XLR/1/4″ TRS combo phantom powered)/4out Firewire interface with 96khz/24bit capability. It also features 2 midi inputs and outputs, DAW transport controls and EQ controls. Pan/Aux knobs and volume sliders are a given…except on the FW-1082 they’re MOTORIZED. What that means is that if I draw a fade out in Logic on audio channel 1, then the slider for channel 1 on the device will also fade down. It’s compatible natively with Logic Pro 7.1 and many other DAWs through Mackie control emulation and MIDI control.

So, for price… FA-66 = About $400 MSRP FA-101 = About $500 MSRP The FW-1082 = About $800 MSRP


If you look for the FW-1082 on Ebay you’ll find some authorized Tascam retailers selling it for around $650. On top of that, Tascam is running a promotion for $100 off the unit if you buy it before September 30th of this year.

New Total = About $550.

Which would you pick?

The only lacking feature is that it doesn’t have an LED for tracks. For just over $500 I’m sure that I could deal.

Of course, on my own it seems like overkill, although I would use maybe a max of 6 of those inputs. I’d need 2 for the JV-1010, 2 for the Kawai K1 (if I decide to use it), 1 for a vocal mic, and another for a guitar (…I could buy one).

What’s more appealing to me is the possibility to produce some bands in the area and record live shows. That could be another weekend hobby. There’s so much potential.