I Feel Like I’m 12 Years Old Again

After work today I jumped the shark. I bought a mountain bike.

I was hoping that I wouldn’t walk into the store (the Mountain and Boardertown here) and look like “Hey, I want you to CHARGE ME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE for a bike here!!” I don’t think they did. I was pretty honest, told them that I want to get a decent beginner’s bicycle. I tried out two models and went with a K2 Zed 1.0 at around $260. Not the best price, but definitely not the worst. So far I’ve only ridden it around the Tops parking lot and my driveway. See more information about it here.

The only thing right now is that to bring it home I had to have the front wheel removed. This is actually kind of easy, but to remove the wheel you have to disengage the front brake. I easily reattached the wheel, but I can’t figure out how to reattach the front brake. So, right now I’ve only got my rear brake. I’ll figure it out or have someone help me out before I go anywhere with it. I still need to get a helmet.

I’m going to break it in a bit this weekend just by riding around the back roads. Eventually, I’d like to check out some bike trails around the area. There’s a lot of them that are within an hour’s driving distance…which also means I’d have to take off the wheel again. If I get into biking more I might as well buy a bike mount for my car. Those can cost anywhere between $130-$200 and can carry up to 4 bikes, I think.

The only other thing…I don’t have much time to enjoy it this year.