Conker: Live, Reloaded, and a little uninspired near the end…

I haven’t written much lately and I think it’s because I got a Gamefly account. I rented Conker: Live and Reloaded. It’s actually one of the best looking games I’ve ever played, and there were even a few parts that made me chuckle. Still, regardless of its setting out to be raunchy, it feels lazy.

It starts to feel like the development was rushed during the end with all the movie parodies. The game opens with A Clockwork Orange Parody, and we don’t really see anything like it again until the near end of the game. All of a sudden you’re slammed with Brahm Stoker’s Dracula, Saving Private Ryan, The Matrix, and Aliens…it’s enough to make me wonder if the rest of the game was predicated on movie themes and I just missed out on them.

Besides some camera problems it was an enjoyable game for the most part. Some of the dialogue is clever, which is a nice counterpoint to the disgusting things Conker has to do (swim in sewage, sacrifice a baby dinosaur….all sorts of stuff). I don’t mind that stuff, but I’d also hate it when games are gross just for the sake of being gross…as if they’re screaming for your attention.

And while the multiplayer looks interesting, I can’t play it too long because I can’t stand 7 year olds calling me a n00b (game just came out in June). I don’t think I can spend $50 (I can keep it from Gamefly for $35) on this game just for the multiplayer. Seems like a kiddie Battlefield job. I’d rather just play Battlefield 2 when it comes out.

So back in the mail it goes.