A Bicycle? Who’s Ever Heard of a Bicycle?!

I want to get a bike. I haven’t used one actively since I broke my arm in 8th grade. I want to get one by the end of the month so that I can enjoy using it for September and some of October.

Besides the obvious benefit of using it to keep in shape, I want to take advantage of living in the Adirondacks more. If I can take a mini vacation a few times each week just by biking, I think my head would be clearer. I could change the scenery whenever I wanted to and breathe fresh air while I do it.

I’ve asked someone at work about this who’s very experienced. I was thinking I wouldn’t be spending more than $250 for a “beginner’s” bike; one that isn’t a total piece of crap and would last for a while. His suggestion? Look to spend $400-$500.

Not too bad I suppose…but still a little sticker shock for someone who didn’t know what to expect.