Updates from Namm

I leave for NAMM in less than 6 hours!

The show doesn’t start until Friday, but I’ll try to get pictures and upload them from Indianapolis when it does. The hotel I’m staying at has internet access…which I suppose means I’ll have an ethernet port in the room. Who knows? If this doesn’t get updated until Sunday night it’ll be because I’m having too much of a good time, but maybe more because there’s no net access.

3 thoughts on “Updates from Namm”

  1. The last time I stayed at a hotel they had an ethernet port built right into the room. You had to pay for it, but I’d imagine some places offer it for free. Enjoy the trip.

  2. It’s no different here. And it’s a bargain*!<br/><br/>(Ethernet connection not really a bargain. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Ask your doctor if you suspect you might be affected by high prices. Not suitable for children under 32.)

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