NAMM Pre-Show: Epilogue

I write this after having been woken up by a loud crack of lightning. It’s supposed to be like this for most of the time we’re out here.

Our flights went alright, although I’ll never understand the air nozzles inside the planes. Airplanes are the only place that we see these things, and without fail someone you sit next to is fascinated by them, fiddles around with them, and makes you cold and uncomfortable for the whole flight. WTF?

Indianapolis is in the central time zone, and I guess I’ve never understood that either. My body feels like its 11:30, but it’s really only 10:30 which is kind of a notable biological difference. If I’m tired at 10:30 I can usually stay up a bit longer. 11:30, why bother? So, I don’t know what to do right now, because it’s also complicated by the fact that all the TV I watch when falling asleep is still on during the same times (Family Guy is on Cartoon Network right now, at 10:30, which is on at 11:30 at home).

NAMM isn’t the only music related conference going on right now. Indianapolis also has the Midwest Music Summit, which I suppose is like CMJ but for artists and record labels. NAMM members can see all the shows that are going on for the Music Summit by purchasing a $15 wristband. They’re all indie bands, but the ones that stick out immediately are Dressy Bessy (which Jen dragged us to during CMJ), Smallspace (from their EP, sounds like they’re circa-Kid A Radiohead wannabes), and VHS or Beta. I really wish that I had another person my age here to check out these shows with. Tegan and Sara are also here, but I’m only familiar with the name, not the music.

There’s a state of the industry address at 8 tomorrow morning, and I’m interested in going, but I’m also interested in staying in bed. My folks aren’t into going to that seminar, so I probably won’t end up going either. Although, I’m seriously debating getting room service tomorrow morning. Guests are provided a door tag that we can hang outside to request breakfast delivery. You can mark when you want breakfast, what you want, etc. What I’ll probably end up doing though is going down to the lobby and grabbing something from Starbucks. The food so far has been great. We’ve only gone out once and that was to a seafood restaurant called “The Oceanside” or something like that. Really great service and food, as long as you aren’t queased out by oysters.

I’ve got no pictures yet. When I do I’ll post them to Flickr. One thing I did find was that I never put my Oxygen 8 repair pictures onto my computer, so I’ll probably do that later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Probably going to fall asleep to the TV or try to read this PDF of “Free Culture”. The thunder still roars outside, so that’ll probably help.