Memories from the College Days

INT – Andrew’s apartment. Friday evening, the gang is waiting for better things to do. Dan is playing Super Mario Bros. 3, he is at World 1-1.

Andrew: Don’t forget to get the big 8! Dan: The big 8? Andrew: Yeah, the big 8. Dan: …don’t you mean the big 3? Andrew: No, it’s a big 8. Dan: Why would it be an 8? Andrew: It just is. Dan: It’s a 3. The game is Super Mario Bros. 3, not Super Mario Bros. 8. Andrew: No, it’s an 8. Dan: Scott, is it an 8 or a 3? Scott: Uh…I believe it’s an 8. Dan: …you guys are stupid.

2 thoughts on “Memories from the College Days”

  1. I delved into this a bit deeper and aparently it was a coding mistake by a junior designer and it actually was supposed to be an 8. That’s my two cents… ahahahaha… eh… uh this whole reply is not funny.

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