We Should Upgrade!

Microsoft has this annoying ad campaign going on for the new Office. It features dinosaurs making mistakes like sending everyone in the company a list of everyone’s salary, or how some team member called out sick and the team has to do presentation with data that this team member was supposed to bring in. It’s effective because it’s annoying.

But what’s interesting about the campaign is that they aren’t competing with another developer’s product. They’re telling people to upgrade from previous versions. I suppose that the dinosaurs are supposed to signify extinction.

That might be when you know you’ve done too good a job of getting everyone to use your applications; when you have to compete with yourself and nobody else. The funny thing is though that MS claims that all these problems will be solved once you upgrade to the new Office, just like it has before with all its other Office campaigns.

Software, no matter how brilliantly designed or easy to use, does NOT solve human irresponsibility and human error. When Office 4001 (Cyborg Relations Edition) is released people are still going to fuck up and do things incorrectly and not show up to meetings. Of course, MS is probably touting more checks in the program that help teams work together and little windows that pop up and say “Are you sure you want to send this Excel spreadsheet to all 1,000 of these people, dumbass?”

I just hate those goddamn dinosaurs for some reason.