That’s Delicious

Wil Shipley is the the founder of a software company called Delicious Monster. They’ve made a small fortune off a piece of software called Delicious Library. Basically, you can scan in or type UPC information of CDs, DVD, and videogames. It can catalog everything and put it on a virtual shelf on your computer. It can also look up information like release dates and Amazon user reviews. That’s pretty cool, even though I don’t think it’s worth $40 to me.

I mention this because Apple asked Shipley to give a lecture before the WWDC this year to students. He put his slides online and it’s actually a fast, funny and interesting read. And it doesn’t just apply to software development. He reminds us that the best way to be successful is not to go with the herd, not to try to pass another “me too” idea into an over-saturated audience. He reminds us that in order to be noted as accomplishing anything we’ve really got to be unique.

Plus, it’s a good ego boost to Mac users.