The Most Surreal Mac Program Ever

If you don’t have a 2nd mouse button, you right click by holding down Ctrl and Shift together.

3 thoughts on “The Most Surreal Mac Program Ever”

  1. How did you do that?<br/>It looks like you are running OS X and Windows XP together????

  2. At work we use a Remote Desktop program to connect to a Windows Server. Instead of getting work done on the computer they use, every employee actually uses their computer as a terminal to connect to a server that has everyone’s account information on it. So, at one computer you could login as anybody.<br/>This screenshot is from the iMac at work. I get my advertisements, graphics, and other work like that done on the Mac, but when I need to update a databse or look at email I use the remote desktop program to access the server. I also use the Windows stuff to update and add PDFs and graphics for our product info folder. It’s weird because I have to go through the network to transfer files from the Mac to the Windows Server, all on the same computer screen.

  3. BTW, the iMac runs at a screen rez of 1680×1050 I believe. After using widescreen displays I’ll never go back.<br/>Both OSX and WIndows will use the widescreen display to its fullest. Guess which one actually looks better. ;-)

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