Logic Is So Complex That It Amazes Me Sometimes

I’ve been using this program for music composition since 2003 and I STILL have no idea of how dense it is. So, this summer I want to get myself on a strict lesson plan and read and practice one chapter a week from both the reference manual and the plug-in manual. The reference manual is 730 pages, the plug-in manual is 620. If I get through a chapter or two each week I’ll be doing pretty well.

I do know the basics of Logic, but it never hurts to know more. Plus, the transition to Logic Pro has been easy, but could be easier. For one thing, alot of my EXS samples were displaced. I got rid of all of the ones that got installed with Logic Audio 6 because I was sure that the new Logic still had them or had suitable replacements. I’ve STILL got to look through all the stuff that was installed. Plus, the new functionality has been more difficult to learn simply because I haven’t gone through it with a manual. The Project Manager is great because it keeps track of ALL AUDIO RECORDED and ALL MY SAMPLES. No longer will I load up something in the EXS and it takes forever to simply find the samples. It knows where they are. Now loading them…well, new computer time won’t be for another year or two.

So, rather than try to guess what I’m missing out on I’m just going to read the manuals from the beginning, as if I’m brand new. There’s too many key commands and hidden automation tricks to try to figure out on my own. Plus, I have all the new instruments (Scultpure, Ultrabeat, etc) that I don’t know much about, and it’s a perfect introduction to sound design. I still have to go through that stuff with Reason.

Reason and Logic together make for an incredibly powerful music workstation, but you’ve got to have the juice to run it. I started two projects this weekend and both of them choked. One of them won’t go past the 9th bar unless I freeze a few tracks. Playing a channel preset electric piano causes clipping because of low buffers. 3 keys at at time; OK. You want to play chords and melodies? Expect some snaps, crackles and pops.

Plus, I’ve still got the JV-1010. By today’s standards it’s “vintage” hardware. I wonder if you could say that about most hardware instruments anyway. I think it still carries some weight in my “studio”, but it’s still kind of a pain to integrate it with the software synths. They don’t have the same sound to them…I mean I put them together and they don’t belong sometimes, which takes a bit of tweaking to fix. Plus, I don’t have the proper audio interface. I got the Firewire Audiophile, and it’s great, but it’s more for DJing and not recording. I can’t use Logic’s External Instrument Plugin because I’ve got my mic and the synth going to the same channels through a mixer. I’m thinking of selling the Audiophile and getting something new. Or, I could hold onto it until the MacIntels come out and then get something like the MOTU 828MKII.

Going through the manuals page by page will hopefully open me up to try new things and become inspired by this program.