Just Off The Mark

One of the more difficult things at work lately has been learning programs like Quark and Photoshop, with deadlines no less. I had never used QuarkXPress until a few weeks ago, and the most I’ve ever done with Photoshop has been taking people’s heads and superimposing them onto other people’s bodies. Now I have to prep ads for magazines and create new flyers. It’s like being on your 3rd week of piano lessons and being told that you’ve got to write a symphony.

And, in some ways, I’d rather be writing a symphony. While I’m learning about these programs all I keep thinking of is how much I’d rather be dedicating that time to diving into Logic and Reason more. The irony is that while I had time to create and enhance my own musical projects, I never felt motivated to do so. Now that I’m at work all day it’s all I can think of. And by the time I get home I’m too tired to really delve into it.

I’m thankful that my desk job enables me to be creative in some way, although it’s not 100% what I want to do. Things could be worse. I’d rather be trying to figure out the best placement of a graphic layer than entering information into an Access database.