Geeky Apple Stuff

So, just when I think it’s safe to even start thinking about getting a Powermac G5, they change everything. We’re going to Intel.

I think that’s fine. But what I really want to know is if a few years after I buy my MacTel (as the kids are calling them these days) will I be able to pop in a new motherboard and processor to upgrade it, or do they want me to buy a whole new machine? I’m guessing the latter.

Eric Fauss and I had a conversation before I switched to Mac. I was arguing that it’s actually easier for users to only depend on one company (Microsoft) for their OS needs. Eric replied “Well, I like having options.”

I remember thinking “Then why do you have a Mac?”

Why, if you like options, do you have a machine that locks you in to a processor that you can’t even take out for the newest one? Why, if you like options, do you run a system that nobody really develops for? Now I know why. The user experience is better and all that software that isn’t being written to the Mac is stuff you’ll never use anyway (except games, maybe, but that’s what the Xbox/PS2/Gamecube is for).

Of course, the whole argument is moot because he owns an iBook. The only options any notebook user has is hard drive, memory…and whatever will fit into that PC Card slot (if you’ve got one). My TiBook is the same way, and the PC Card slot hasn’t been occupied for the 30 or so months I’ve owned it. A Dell Inspiron doesn’t have any more options than that.

For now the Titanium does what I need it to do, as long as I freeze enough tracks in Logic. That’s the only real reason for me to get a new machine, which is why I feel comfortable waiting a bit. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about getting a new hard drive for it. The drive in it now is currently a 60gig 4200rpm drive. I want to get something bigger and faster. The Hitachi 7200rpm drive is pretty enticing, but it doesn’t offer anything new as far as space is concerned. Is there really that much of an improvement between 5400rpm and 7200rpm drives? The price is right on some 80gig 5400rpms I’ve seen. They’re hovering around $120, which is pretty nice. I still want a bit more though, but the 100gig 2.5″ drives are about $70 more than the 80gigs. I want to be able to store my iTunes music locally, and the 80gig would barely be able to fit it all.

Nerd Nerd Nerd Nerd.