A Few Things I Should Work At

To Better Myself

  1. More Exercise.
  2. Stop Drinking Coffee(?!)
  3. Get More Sleep
  4. Get To Sleep Earlier (?!)
  5. Wake Up Earlier (?!!)

3 thoughts on “A Few Things I Should Work At”

  1. Get more sleep maybe, but you go to bed earlier and wake up earlier than my parents. And that is pretty damn early

  2. I’m in bed by midnight, asleep by 1 most nights. I’m up at 7.<br/>If I go to sleep earlier I can get up earlier, thus fitting in more time for exercise and letting that activity give me the energy to propel me through the day.

  3. You have obviously lost it. In bed by 1 up by 7 what is with that crap? You need more activities… go for your Masters degree, take on a full time job, and start playing World of Warcraft. Then when you are going to school at 9, finishing at 2, being a work by 3, getting out by 11, and playing WOW until 8 you can officially question whether or not you get enough sleep. Besides your get more energy from insanity that you do from exercise. <br/>:D<br/>-Ryan

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