Procession Towards Learning Land

I’m staying at Scotty’s here for the weekend. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision to go home in the spring. I think I did. I’ve got some income going on and I’m on the way to starting the rest of my life in a relatively stress free and comfortable way.

But living at home has still been troublesome in some ways. I haven’t really kept in touch with my friends there and I don’t really have a musical outlet. I have my own projects, but it’s not the same as creating with other like-minded people.

And then there’s the fact that 21-30 year olds are mysteriously missing from the town, which may change in the future (one magazine called it “the new Lake Placid” or something like that.). Where did they all go? Maybe there weren’t really many to begin with.

Chris, Andrew, and I made a music video to a Tu-Pac song today. I’ll have to link to it when it goes online.

Episode III was quite good, at least compared to the other two. It still seems that the ending was a bit sloppy.

I saw some guy here that I was in a few classes with. He looked at me and shouted my name. I didn’t remember his name, so I reciprocated by waving my arms around like an idiot and watching for traffic so that I could cross the street.

Andrew’s begging me (and others) to move to Chicago with him. I hate Oprah.