If You’re The Office DJ, You Have a Responsibility

My sister Theresa uses the only computer in our office that has speakers attached to it. This means that she has pretty much complete control over what we listen to, and it’s usually hippy Grateful Dead type stuff or what I’ve dubbed “Chicks with Guitars.” Although she likes guys with guitars too.

I don’t mind the music much, but what is kind of a problem is the variety. People don’t tend to bring in their own CDs very much, so we end up listening to the same music over and over again. For example, one person has a mix CD with Heart’s Crazy On You, and it drives me up the wall. We’ve probably listened to it 10-15 times since last Monday. I’ve told Theresa that if I have to listen to that song again during the afternoon stretch that I’m going to have to hurt somebody.

Dun, dun dun dun dun dun DUNNN!!! Crazyyy on You! Crayaiaizy on YOooououuoooOOHHhhhh!!!


If you’re the office DJ you have a civic duty to prevent this kind of stuff from happening. It is your job to play a variety of tunes that drive and motivate people through the rest of the day. Repeating Heart throughout the week does nothing but convince me that this is what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life. Life is nothing but listening to Crazy On You on repeat. If that’s life, what is Hell?

On that note, Pink Floyd makes me fall asleep. It was always really interesting to me in High School that people who wanted to declare their individuality and be almost rebel like listened to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin…music that their parents listened to when they did the same thing at that age. I hope that that stops soon.

Sweeping generalizations make for easy blog writing.