I Got Tiger Upercutted

I installed Tiger on my Powerbook yesterday (archive and install), and while I like having the newest things I do have some issues. • Spotlight will kill your pre-2003 Powerbook. It’s those 4200RPM drives. They really are the suck when it comes to this. • Airport reception is significantly down, although I’m going to try deleting some cache to get it going again. • Not as fast as expected and in general seems to bog down the system even more. • All my Apple Loops are gone! Well, the factory ones, and I can reinstall those from the Logic disk. • I haven’t been able to listen to music through my stereo because there are no drivers for the Firewire Audiophile that work with Tiger yet. Plus, when it doesn’t work the device constantly blinks, and I can’t turn it off because it’s the link to my firewire drive that I’ve placed underneath the desk because it’s loud. • Toast is now dead to/for me. No more burning iTunes Store files?

At work we got a new 20″ iMac…and I’m envious. It’s just SO MUCH SPACE! The display is nice and bright compared to the Powerbook. It’s also MUCH faster in general, and my Powerbook has twice the RAM. I’ve been telling myself that I won’t buy a new machine until I finish my album or until 10.5 comes out, and this makes the wait that much longer.