How does this happen?

I graduated back in December, but figured that if I walked it’d be good. It’d be good to have some closure.

That’s why it was a little disappointing to have to celebrate this transition of my life with grey skies and tons of rain.

But the thing that was the most irritating was some guy sitting behind me. He decided it’d be a good idea to get hammered during the commencement.

He sat down with an Aquafina bottled that was apparently filled with Vodka and wouldn’t shut…the…fuck…up. I’m all for having a good time, but goddamn, do you really have to do it in a way that disrupts everything else around you? Are you so important that your pleasure has to come from the discomfort of others?

The president of the college was leaving this semester and as he talked about his tenure there he got a little choked up. That’s alright. There’s nothing wrong with crying in public during something like that…but this guy behind me asked “Is that motherfucker crying?!!!”

What an ass. 4 (or more) years of higher education and the system still manages to churn out people like this. A complete lack of respect and tact.

I’m confident that this guy amounts to nothing and will amount to nothing in his future. He will have a shitty marriage because he’ll end up marrying someone as shallow as he is. He will have a shitty job because he lacks basic thought and courtesy…unless of course he was part of a Frat, and in that case he’ll get hooked up somewhere down the line.