Good and Bad

Good: The new season of Six Feet Under starts in less than a week! Bad: It’s the last season of Six Feet Under.

Good: I get to use a Mac full time at work. Bad: It’ll be to access a remote desktop connection to a Windows server.

Good: I’m getting good ideas for projects that need vocals. Bad: My vocal recording skills are mediocre at best, and I need a mic stand.

Good: I updated this thing today. Bad: With a useless post.

1 thought on “Good and Bad”

  1. Yeah it’s true, the somewhat good vocal mics start at like $250. The people at the store that I bought my firebox at were really pushing me to buy one of their $500 mics. I just had to say, sorry I’ve got College Loans to pay off, and they were like Ohhhhh no problem man. So that seems to be the 7 magic words to say that everybody gets.

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