Gentle Hum

I’m not a true Neil Finn fanatic. I didn’t discover Crowded House until well after Don’t Dream It’s Over, and I hadn’t even heard a Split Enz song until this year. But Crowded House is still one of my favorite Australian bands…which, granted, doesn’t say much.

So when the Finn Brothers released Everyone Is Here last year I didn’t really question it’s quality before buying it. I probably should have. It’s not nearly as good as everything else they’ve done.

And then Gentle Hum (iTunes link) comes on. It’s the album closer and it’s such a beautiful song that it redeems the whole album. I’ve been racking my brain trying to interpret it. I’m terrible at this.

This bird has to sing My heart has to follow A man with no soul Is wooden and hollow

This gentle hum Is just begun This gentle hum Make us one

My wish is for you An end to your sorrow And if it comes true You’ll wake up tomorrow Alone

With a gentle hum Is just begun This gentle hum Will make us one

There For anyone who cares Solemn faces in the courtroom stare

And this gentle hum Will wake up tomorrow

With a gentle hum This gentle hum

This gentle hum Will make us one This gentle hum Is just begun

This gentle hum, coming up from before Find a loving feeling, inside This gentle hum, bringing it back to me Find a loving feeling, in your life

First off, what is the hum? I think that it’s the sound of a muted TV. This married couple is unhappy. They fall asleep in the same bed watching the same TV. They don’t have sex. So, one of the people in the couple (let’s say the dude) cuts through the bullshit and says “Hey, we’re both unhappy. We come home from work everyday, have dinner, and fall asleep with Jay Leno on the TV. Falling asleep to Jay Leno is NOT THE WAY TO LIVE!” The woman says “I agree…I hate Leno. Conan is way better, but we’re both asleep by the time he comes on.” In unison: LET’S GET A DIVORCE!!!

OR, maybe the hum is a life support machine in a hospital. One person loves the other that’s on life support (maybe this person is in a coma, or is like Terri Schiavo) but can’t take it anymore and decides to leave the hospitalized person in the past.

I’m really terrible at song interps.

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