Franchised Restaurants Make Franchised People

I drove my sister to get her car today after work because it was being serviced. Afterwards we went to Uno’s for dinner; her treat.

As we walked to the entrance it occurred to me how eery it is that these franchises are the same. It’s not that they have the same menus and the same general look throughout the country.

They all have the same customers.

Out of the entrance came an older man who slowly walked to his car parked right next to the door. A family got out of a minivan to enjoy the splendor of Chicago deep dish pizza. Maybe they just finished stopping at the Walmart across the street.

We sat down at a table next to a woman and her pre-teen son. She was large…obese. She was the norm.

What are the figures these days? 65% or so of the American population is fat. That’s right, FAT. We’re mostly huge, behemoth people.

Not to say that places like Uno’s that charge $8 for a pile of greasy dough topped with cheese and meat are to blame, but the availability of cheap and quick food surely has contributed to the epidemic.

My sister was halfway through her salad when she said “There’s too much dressing on this…it’s disgusting.” At which I almost responded “yeah, they serve big things here.” But looking at this woman I held my tongue to avoid the double entendre.

I don’t see how anyone can rationalize this kind of diet as normal. The reason that we’re so unhealthy is because we don’t have enough greens on our plates. We are of a school of thought that thinks “I didn’t fight my way up the food chain just to eat carrots.”

You didn’t. We’ve been up at the top of the food chain for quite some time. If you were born in the last thousand years you probably did very little to earn the right to not eat vegetables. Primitive man’s diet consisted of meat because they didn’t have the knowledge to grow anything, and even then it was in moderation, and they got plenty of exercise.

Our culture today is vastly different. If we want a chicken leg we don’t have to work to raise a healthy chicken and then kill it. We pay money for them at a grocery store, and even then the conditions that the animal was raised in are questionable. We don’t run through the wild to kill a boar. We don’t spend all day looking for berries. Today, we pay illegal immigrants to do that stuff.

Is there really a fat gene, or is it really that the bad eating habits of parents get transferred to their offspring?