The Cost of Honors

When graduating college, one may be offered to purchase a special color cord that symbolizes academic achievement during his or her tenure at the school.

I find this to be quite ironic because it’s really another way for Josten’s to commercialize what should be an occasion that shouldn’t be marked with showy fabrics and academic bling-bling. But typically if one is qualified to receive such an honor like wearing the gold honors chord or the various other cords that represent how smart you are, they go for it. They go for it because these are the kinds of people who end up being professors who like how their voices sound.

And the more cords you’re awarded with, the more it adds up. I guess it’s the last resort to get money out of the people who got the most scholarships and therefore paid the least amount of money for an education. If you graduated cum laude and were in an honor society or two, expect to pay around $15 to show everyone how smart you are.

And in a way if you paid for all that stuff, it really shows everyone how dumb you are.