Ask Me About My Crippling Social Anxiety

Zazzle can be fun.

Open and Concocted

Every brand in the country has a Twitter account and the only person who follows them is Neil Hamburger.

Not to brag, but this is a pretty good tweet you guys

Authentic Branding Cadence

Autocratic Management

Neither the Japanese, nor Zeiss, nor IBM practice “permissive management.” Management in Japan is notoriously autocratic. No one has ever mistaken an order by a Japanese company president for a polite request. Abbé, according to all reports, was not permissive either. While a kind man by all accounts, he was very much the German “Herr Professor” and was used to unquestioned authority. Thomas Watson, Sr., was a tyrant. Abbé and Watson demanded excellence in performance and did not accept good intentions as a substitute.

- Peter Drucker, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, and Practices

Sound familiar?

Classical Music Snobbery

The classical music world blames everybody else because Josh Bell wasn’t recognized in the subway. If they wanted him to be recognized, they should have made him a rock star, not put him in a darkened theater and then told the audience to “shhhhh” while he played 64ths like he was on rails. The audience shouldn’t have to know what a 64th is in order to enjoy it. We can do better.

I hated when that video came out. They posted this performance online and then felt superior when nobody recognized him.

I’ve struggled to articulate what I think is wrong with classical music today – this goes farther than I think I ever could.

Aqua Velva’s Carousel

“For Generations”

Uhhh, got any gum?

Uhhhhh got any gum? from s meltzer on Vimeo.

“You’re Doin’ It Wrong”

I enjoyed this piece about using new collaborative tools to get your office work done, but parts like this tip feel unfair.

  1. Spend more time summarizing or formatting a document than worrying about the actual content. Time and time again, people over-invest in the production qualities of a work product, only to realize that all that work was wasted, as most people consume it on a phone or look for the summary.

This is why I write emails in boring plain text. But when you have an Office Suite filled with features like stupid stationery and endless signature and formatting options don’t be surprised when staff wastes time exploring pretty useless things rather than getting actual work done.

I also believe that the best thing you can do for office productivity is get people who can write well and type fast. Oftentimes it’s like meetings occur because someone sucks at typing.

Did I answer that question? You bet your ass I didn’t.

From the Robert Evans AMA.


The Heartbleed Password Change List

Check this list to see if you should update any passwords.

The Last Of Us Wouldn’t Have Worked as a PS4 launch title

Note to self: don’t buy games before a new console is going to launch.

I got this on PSN for PS3 during a sale they had (haven’t touched it yet), but now that they’re going to redo it for PS4 it feels like I’ve been had.

I’ll probably still buy it for PS4.

“Facebook Might Be Making Women Feel Bad About Their Bodies”

After gazing at one tight, toned body after another, the researchers say, a woman using Facebook might be apt to develop a “poor body image.”

Who are these women with tight, toned bodies – and will they accept my friend request?

It would be a stretch to say Facebook causes eating disorders.

Here it comes.

But the researchers say that negative feelings generated from looking at other people’s photos could form the “first steps” toward disordered eating, or risky behaviors that sometimes can compound into a clinical eating disorder.

I am on another round of anti-Facebook sentiment and I think I feel better without the apps on my devices. There’s a little less anxiety.

The Problem With “Man” Words

“Man bag” is one of the most widely used “man words” and its overt meaning is self-explanatory.

…nut sack?

The reason why the meaning is so obvious is that an existing word (handbag) is being used as the basis for a new word intended to be used for a men’s equivalent of the same concept.


…thus “man words” achieve the strange feat of being offensive both to women and men making them bizarrely egalitarian.

I have never heard anybody use these words (man-bag, man-flu, menglish), but I bet if you’re a guy and you use them you’re probably breaking a man rule.

Underwhelming Start to iTunes Radio Lights Fire Under Apple

Apple is finding that its influence over labels is slipping as YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and other streaming services gather momentum. One independent label said that iTunes’s share of the label’s revenue has eroded from more than 70% in 2012 to about 50% today.

I think the main reason I stick with iTunes is because I can listen to whatever I want, not just whatever jumped through all the hoops to get on Spotify.

Even with Spotify’s addition of Collections (which hasn’t rolled out to me yet) I still use iTunes/iTunes Match. Maybe that will change.