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How Dodgeball Became America’s Most Demonized Sport

I dunno man – out of all the things we did in high school gym classes, dodgeball was one of my favorites — and I was one of these loser kids for a couple of years.

Compare dodgeball to the other things you might do in gym class, like basketball and football. The rules of dodgeball are simpler. If you were one of the rejects left at the end of the game you could redeem yourself by catching the ball and bringing back your teammates.

Dodgeball gave the weak a chance to be the hero.

You don’t get that in the other gym activities.

The Fire Still Burns

The technical term “human capital flight” usually refers to areas that lose youthful population and, with that, vital parts of their communities.

I had never considered how it effects life for residents still living in those areas – for instance, small towns with volunteer fire departments that have older members nearing retirement with nobody lined up to take their place.

Pandora Refuses To Die

The music business is a tangled web of legacy laws, licensing requirements, and backroom negotiations.

New Twitter Profiles

Uncharted 3 Bug I Found

Found this wild bug in Uncharted 3.

There’s this part in Uncharted 3 where you’re running up some stairs in a tower, you jump over this big rock, and you get ambushed by thugs on the other side. A grenade tosses you out a tower window and you need to work your way back up by climbing the tower.

That almost happened. Instead it looks like I went to the console view and typed “idclip”

Russian Style

Putin may be like that because Russians want him to be like that.

In Russia, they do not respect non-authoritarian leaders. The late President Boris Yeltsin is considered a clown, and people I spoke to in Russia have no respect for him. They view him as the leader who destroyed the Soviet Union. Gorbachev, who is another “friendly” leader (in style) is not respected either. Medvedev, who is open and seeks democratization within Russia, is considered a lightweight and weak.

It is Putin people respect. He is strong. He is decisive. He is tsarist.

…From my vantage point working often in Russia the past two years, the West is judging him harshly, ignoring the culture within which he operates and the limitations it places on him.

Ask Me About My Crippling Social Anxiety

Zazzle can be fun.

Open and Concocted

Every brand in the country has a Twitter account and the only person who follows them is Neil Hamburger.

Not to brag, but this is a pretty good tweet you guys

Authentic Branding Cadence

Autocratic Management

Neither the Japanese, nor Zeiss, nor IBM practice “permissive management.” Management in Japan is notoriously autocratic. No one has ever mistaken an order by a Japanese company president for a polite request. Abbé, according to all reports, was not permissive either. While a kind man by all accounts, he was very much the German “Herr Professor” and was used to unquestioned authority. Thomas Watson, Sr., was a tyrant. Abbé and Watson demanded excellence in performance and did not accept good intentions as a substitute.

- Peter Drucker, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, and Practices

Sound familiar?

Classical Music Snobbery

The classical music world blames everybody else because Josh Bell wasn’t recognized in the subway. If they wanted him to be recognized, they should have made him a rock star, not put him in a darkened theater and then told the audience to “shhhhh” while he played 64ths like he was on rails. The audience shouldn’t have to know what a 64th is in order to enjoy it. We can do better.

I hated when that video came out. They posted this performance online and then felt superior when nobody recognized him.

I’ve struggled to articulate what I think is wrong with classical music today – this goes farther than I think I ever could.

Aqua Velva’s Carousel

“For Generations”

Uhhh, got any gum?

Uhhhhh got any gum? from s meltzer on Vimeo.